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Information on Chelyabinsk Regional Universal Scientific Library (ChRUSL)

Chelyabinsk Regional Universal Scientific Library is the main library and the largest book depository of Chelyabinsk region; moreover, it is an informational, cultural and educational center. Since 1898, the library is forming data environment of the region, provides people with necessary information and literature, organizes informational communication and cultural leisure. Here you can form new values for yourself as well as take part in numerous significant cultural events. Every year, 150 thousand readers visit the library. And more than 47 thousand events are held. Besides, more than 2 thousand of remote readers a registered with us.


Address: 60, Lenin Av., Chelyabinsk
Bus-stop “Biblioteka” (Library)
Phone: +7 (351)266-05-33
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Business hours

The main premises, 60, Lenin Av., Chelyabinsk
Tues.-Sun.  12:00-20:00
Wed.-Sat.    09:00-20:00
Sun., Mon.  days off

Center for multicultural communication, 61, Tsvilling Str., Chelyabinsk
Tues.-Fri.   11:00-19:00
Sat.            10:00-18:00

Last Friday of the month – Cleaning day.
The library does not work on public holidays.

How to join the Library

Every citizen from the age of 14 can join the library. Registration requires a passport with a proof of registration, a 3x4 size photo and besides, student ID card for students. The registration takes place at the Registration and Statistics Sector on the ground floor of the Library’s main premises.

You can be a remote reader and use book-stocks of 12 electronic libraries.

Complete remote registration

Library stocks and collections

The library stocks contains more than 2 million items in 145 languages and dialects. These are books, periodicals, electronic editions, CD and DVD, microfiche, audio and video recordings, phonograph records, published music, maps, standards and normative documents.

Sectors of the book-stock are structured in a standard way.

The library has unique book collections that are stored in the book-stocks of the following Departments:

• reference and bibliographic publication (Informative and Bibliographic Department, reading room 10);
• regional and local publications (Local History Department, reading room 10);
• rare and valuable editions (Rare Books Department);
• periodical publications from the 18. Century (Book Storage Department,  Digital Resources Department, Service Department, reading rooms 1 and 2);
• literature on art, sound records, video library, musical editions (Art Literature Department, reading room 6);
• literature in foreign languages (Foreign Literature Department, 61, Tsvilling At., Chelyabinsk);
• rarely used literature (Depository Sector, 57, Mekhanicheskaya St., Chelyabinsk).

Digital resources

The Library provides access to documents

Reading rooms

There are 12 reading rooms inside the Library; moreover, we have a summer reading room and the mobile library of the Informational & Library Service Complex (KIBO) outside the Library. KIBO is the mobile library rendering services to readers in remote arears of the city of Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk region.

Exhibition area

The Library exhibition area consists of two halls: the large one – in the lounge of the ground floor, and the small one – in the reading room 3 on the 2nd floor. Our guests can visit educational exhibitions that show pieces of art, various objects, and archival documents as well as books from the Library’s stocks. The main goal of the exhibition area are to popularize South Urals authors, to discover new names in the field of fine arts and to make people know more about the history of the country and homeland.
Library exhibition rooms are used as recreation zones, communication centers and large infospheres.

For contacts: Rifat Abdrashitov, Head of the Center for cultural and educational programs. Phone: +7 (835)266-62-96, e-mail:


The General Digital Catalogue of the Library comprises bibliographic records for publications of all types of documents since 1987 from the library stock, as well as records for full-text documents from electronic libraries. Digital catalogue is available for all Internet users of the Library portal:, as well as in every reading room.

You can search through the whole catalogue or limit your search to the following sub-catalogues:
Digital Catalogue of ChRUSL: Articles in periodicals (book-stock of ChRUSL, periodicals of ChRUSL, network resources/ medical literature in the Central Scientific Medical Library of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University).

Search areas: “Author”, “Title”, “Subject”, “All fields”
Fields of restriction: Language of publication, Year of publication, Restrictions on the form of content.
Search operators: truncation* (asterisk), AND, OR, NOT


In the reading rooms readers are granted access to catalogue, checkout of literature from the library stocks, reference services and working on a PC. They can study at lectures, courses and master classes, attend hobby clubs and take part in different events (exhibitions, meetings, promotions). See the events poster.

Virtual Services

Remote registration

Virtual library circulation
• Virtual library circulation is an access to 11 full-text electronic libraries where you can find documents in Russian as well as in foreign languages.
• Electronic library circulation of the Central Scientific Medical Library of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University).

For contacts: Tatyana Puchinina, Head of Digital Resources Department. Phone: +7 (351) 265-18-44, e-mail:, reading room 5, 2nd floor

Search literature via e-Catalogue

Virtual Help "Ask a Librarian"

You can become a proper user of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library  (St. Petersburg) and get access to huge collections of electronic libraries; authentic materials concerning such subjects as Russian history, social studies, Russian language and literature, world art culture within the context of Russia, relationships between Russia and the rest of the world. Here there is everything foreigners need to know more about Russia. 

For contacts: Irina Fadeyeva, head of the Chelyabinsk Regional Center of the Presidential Library. Phone: +7 (351)265-22-61, e-mail:

Checkout of literature

You can work with literature both in reading rooms and outside the Library. Registered users can take literature home with them. The literature is available at the circulation desk (Circulation Department):

Circulation department – the department with the universal book-stock of about 5 thousand books in Russian

For contacts: Lyudmila Dem’yanovich, library circulation manager. Phone: +7 (351) 266-62-96, e-mail:, ground floor

Music and Published Music Circulation department – issues published music to its readers. You can also use the piano here.

For contacts: Larissa Sokolova, Chief Librarian. Phone: +7 (351) 266-05-18, e-mail:, reading room 6, 1st floor

Library Circulation in the Centre for Intercultural Communications. The literature is issued in the amount of 5 units for 5 days.

For contacts: Liya Zamyatkina, Head of the Center for Intercultural Communications. Phone: +7 (351) 237-12-74, e mail:, address: 61, Tsvilling St., Chelyabinsk